In-Depth Analysis of the Koi Princess Slot Machine

The Koi Princess slot machine is a 5 reel game developed by NetEnt. It has an RTP of 96.23% and was released late in 2015, making it a relatively new slot with good potential for profit. This low-variance game is well-known for its vibrant visuals and several additional elements, all of which were inspired by the traditions of East Asia.

The Koi Princess Slot Machine: An Overview

Koi Princess was conceptualized with a strong appreciation for manga. Manga is the phrase ignorant Westerners use to describe Japanese comics and cartoons. They’re written by and for both young and old, and they deal with all sorts of contemporary issues.



Not only in Japan, but all around the world, this business generates a great deal of money, and it spans many different types of entertainment, from action and adventure to science fiction and fantasy to even sports. It’s no surprise that Netent created a slot machine specifically for online casinos to celebrate this exciting subgenre.


Has the Manganese spirit been preserved, or does the game completely fail to live up to its name? Let’s check it out.

How about a rundown of Koi Princess’ features?


Koi Princess has stunning visuals. The reels have intricate designs with oriental motifs including koi fish, tidal waves, and dragons. A gorgeously rendered Manga princess with appropriately big eyes stands on the left. It’s safe to assume she wants the players’ assistance in catching fish. We apologize, but when it comes to virtual slot machines, we’re not interested in paper-thin graphs. In any case, the game includes…


Bonus Wager

Each spin in Koi Princess can cost twice as much if you choose to wager the bonus bet. However, this raises the odds that a random or bonus feature will be activated. More on how it can affect the bonus wheel’s values and boost your chances of winning guaranteed coins below.


Disjointed Elements

Random Wilds, Wild Reels, a 5-hit, and a bonus activation are the four random features in Koi Princess. With the Random Wild, the player receives one spin with anywhere from four to nine overlay Wilds on the reels.


After activating Wild Reels, 2-5 random reels will have overlay Wild symbols for the ensuing spin. With the 5-symbol random function, you just need one spin to win 5 times. When 3 bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels, the bonus feature is activated and you receive 1 free spin.


Additional Value

Koi Princess’s bonuses include free spins with guaranteed wins, free spins with wild reels, coin wins, and a bonus wheel. When 3 bonus symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, these will be activated. Bonus features are activated when two bonus symbols land on the reels after they have stopped spinning. This also happens whenever a random distinction is bestowed.


Free Spins with a Guaranteed Payout


The player receives 10 risk-free spins where all payouts are guaranteed to equal the player’s biggest win during the whole risk-free session (we didn’t win on the first spin, either).


Spins with Free Wilds


This bonus round awards 10 free spins with between 1 and 5 randomized reels covered in Wild symbols.


Winner of the Coin Toss


This gives the gambler an instant coin win that is multiplied by a random number between 15 and 30 times the bet.


Prize Rotation


Here’s your chance to win cash and trigger the Koi Princess Slot’s Wild Reels Free Spins and Sure Win Free Spins extra features! Each of the wheel’s three levels is divided by twelve segments. Players navigate the board by clicking on the dice icon; doing so rewards them with a jackpot coin symbol and a random multiplier if they make it to the center.


A minimum gain of 25 times the initial investment is guaranteed for such a miraculous (though rare) occurrence. However, you can only double your money twice and win a total of 1000 times your original bet. Start, x1, x2, x3, x5, Arrow, Collect, Double-Up, Wild Rees Free Spins, Sure Fine Free Spins, and Jackpot Coin Win are some of the symbols that can be found on the bonus wheel.


Play Koi Princess Slots Online for Free Free versions of Koi Princess Slots can be tried out at any number of the best sites to play for real money. These simulations perform in the same manner as their cash equivalents. In fact, the majority of governing bodies insist that the gameplay and the magnitude and frequency of virtual pay-outs be consistent with the full game.


Synopsis of the Case for Koi Princess

Netent’s rendition of Japan’s most recognizable export (after automobiles and sushi, of course) is faithful to the original. The creators have accomplished the difficult task of making an engaging game without overwhelming the senses with visual noise.


The Sure Win and Wild Reel free spins should keep even seasoned players intrigued for some time, and these added features build on the good, though unspectacular, base game. Fans of Koi Princess on the desktop may rest assured that the mobile version has all the same great features.


A Return on Investment (ROI) of 96.00% Pros

Spins at no extra cost bonus

With the bonus wheel function, the Wild symbol can award payouts of up to 1.000x the stake.


No multi-level jackpot system






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